PathSolutions Announces Two New Patents for VoIP/UC Measurement, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting

photo-2019-patentsFebruary 28, 2019, SANTA CLARA, California ― PathSolutions, a leading provider of network performance management and VoIP/UC performance management solutions, announced today the issuance of two new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for Network Communications Service Quality Monitor and for Test for Preservation of Differentiated Service in an Internet Protocol Network.

These patents cover unique testing methodology used by the PathSolutions call simulator. The methodology enables single-ended testing to preserve the DSCP tag round-trip for full QoS testing without a remote agent, thus speeding up configuring tests to different locations throughout the network.

"Both of these patents help further show our technical prowess in the VoIP/UC measurement, monitoring, and troubleshooting space," said Tim Titus, Founder & CTO of PathSolutions. "It enables some powerful unique features that help speed up the discovery and understanding of problems."

Patent number 10200435B2 network communication service quality manager is for PathSolutions measurement and storage of information related to QoS measurements. Patent number 10200438B2 test for preservation of differentiated service in an Internet Protocol Network for PathSolutions call simulator’s treatment of DSCP.

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About PathSolutions

PathSolutions is a leading provider of network performance management and VoIP/UC performance management solutions that enable the rapid troubleshooting and resolution of Data, VoIP/UC, and video quality issues. TotalView® identifies the root-causes of problems, telling users exactly when, where, and why network problems occurred in plain-English. Problems get solved the first time they occur. TotalView continuously analyzes the state of the network and identifies and prescribes fixes for the root causes of performance issues. This allows PathSolutions customers to quickly resolve any performance issues, maximizing productivity and efficiency. PathSolutions serves customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, carriers, and MSPs.

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