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PathSolutions Responds to the Coronavirus Pandemic

December 12, 2020, SANTA CLARA, California—Because of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, PathSolutions is aware that organizations are adjusting to a changing work environment. Our customers may need to deploy and monitor an increasing number of endpoints and VPNs, as workers shift to home locations and log in remotely. For this purpose, PathSolutions has made the following available:

The coronavirus epidemic is pushing security teams in the following ways:  An organization's endpoints are increasing and changing because workers are now logging in from home. We understand the NetOps and SecOps teams might need to monitor an ever-growing security footprint. We understand the pressure teams are under to spot, monitor and write policies for new devices, handle IoT devices, and conduct rapid SIEM assessments for the new and evolving security footprint. 

We understand that security teams need to understand the edge cases of your infrastructure, and make intelligent decisions on who to give VPN access for remote endpoints. 

We humbly think that the new product features in the TotalView Security Operations Manager are ideally suited to this challenge. If you are interested, it is a rapidly deployed SOAR monitoring solution that can track your security footprints and all network communications.

Please contact us if you have questions or need support at