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Case Studies

Market leader for innovative and cost-effective aerospace composite structures.

AIM Aerospace pushes the boundaries of aerospace manufacturing. Their engineers, skilled workers, and automation systems deliver high quality components to the aerospace industry.

For these automation systems to operate at peak efficiency, their network has to run at top performance: coordinating events, receiving updates, and communicating with the staff on manufacturing activities. All of this has to work together into a seamless whole.

When Kris Rodger needed to find and resolve network issues on the manufacturing floor, she found a powerful tool in TotalView:

“The first thing TotalView did was show me the PLC manufacturing machines were running half-duplex. We were able to fix the issue rapidly because they knew where and what the problem was.” — Kris Rodger, Sr. Network and Security Engineer

When Kris discovered TotalView, she knew she found a winner. TotalView helps network engineers discover where problems are and resolve them. It also helps people who aren’t experts on router configuration or IP protocol understand the network and how things work.

“It’s everything right there. It’s easy to interpret, you can show it to someone who is not technical, and they can understand it.”


Find the root cause of communication issues from the manufacturing floor and resolve them.




TotalView immediately found numerous configuration issues for a rapid resolution.