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IoT Device Security




length: 11 minutes

  • IoT - Where are your devices?
  • IoT - Who are they talking to?

IoT devices expose your company to cybersecurity risks. Unsecured IoT devices are an easy way for criminals to access your network. They find an IoT entry point, and because it’s connected on the same network as your computers and everything else, they can move laterally into other parts of the network. Attacks can exploit entire systems, steal information, alter data, deny service and compromise or damage devices.

Request this technical webinar recording where we reviewed how to find your IoT devices on your network, find out what types of devices they are, and who they are talking to, so that you can secure your network.

Note: IoT Security and Device Monitoring are new features in TotalView v10. 

Original recording date: June 12, 2019 at Cisco Live

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