PathSolutions Becomes a Mitel DataNet Vendor

PathSolutions’ VoIP network performance management offering ensures that Mitel’s resellers’ and customers’ VoIP networks perform optimally

June 16, 2010, Santa Clara, CA ― PathSolutions, a network and VoIP performance monitoring solution provider, today announced it has become a Mitel® DataNet® vendor.

Through DataNet, Mitel partners with the best-of-breed vendors to provide an extensive portfolio of communications products, applications and services specifically designed to integrate with and enhance its core product line. This extensive portfolio brings increased productivity, ease of operation and reliability to businesses of all sizes.

“We are pleased to be selected as a Mitel DataNet vendor. PathSolutions VoIP Monitor solution offers tremendous value to Mitel’s resellers and their customers. With it, Mitel’s customers can now have access to our unique patent-pending method of disclosing the root-causes of VoIP quality issues, down to the individual cable, switch, or router that is causing the problem, and a plain-English description of the fault. This means Telecom professionals can resolve problems without having to be network experts,” said Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions.

PathSolutions’ VoIP Monitor delivers Total Network Visibility™ to all the switches, routers, servers, and links in VoIP networks of any size. Ready to go, right out-of-the-box, VoIP Monitor is the only solution that automatically monitors all network switches and routers, identifies where and why a VoIP call went bad, and then recommends a fix.

About PathSolutions

PathSolutions’ Total Network Visibility™ solutions represent a new paradigm in network performance monitoring software by changing how network optimization is done. The company’s solutions for VoIP and data networks are ready to go right out-of-the-box, acting as a network’s eyes and ears. The health and performance of every device and link in a network is continuously monitored and problems are quickly diagnosed, making network resources more productive and efficient. Working with companies like Tommy Bahama, Dow Chemical and Alcoa, PathSolutions is focused on ensuring that every network performs optimally, no matter the size or resources available. PathSolutions is a U.S.-based company headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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