Why You Should Buy TotalView

TotalView is designed to provide root-cause plain-English resolutions to network and VoIP problems. Other tools have limitations:

  • Monitoring software limitations. Many monitoring software packages can’t troubleshoot problems because they lack enough visibility into the network to detect problems, and don’t correlate or analyze information to make it easy.

A single bad cable or half-duplex interface hidden somewhere in the network can take down a network’s performance, yet monitoring software won’t even be aware of it.

  • Confirmational tool limitations. There are tools designed to make you aware of problems, like packet analyzers or application performance monitoring (APM). They can tell you that a problem exists between their monitoring agents, but have no ability to identify the location or cause of the problem.

APM or analyzer tools indicate that there is 12% packet loss. You have manually to try to find out where and why the packet loss is occurring.

Resolution: At the end of the day, it all comes down to resolution of the problem. TotalView is designed to resolve problems:

  • With visibility into every link, switch, and router in the entire network, you have knowledge of problems that previously would require manual investigation.
  • With knowledge of all the error counters that exist on interfaces, along with their configuration and performance information, you wouldn’t have to manually dig for information, and would know about every dropped or buffered packet in the environment.
  • With an analysis engine that analyzes performance information and gives you plain-English resolutions to detected problems, you solve more problems, faster.
  • With a path mapping capability that identifies every link, switch, and router used between any two IP addresses, you could instantly troubleshoot the involved elements.
  • With historical tracking, you could solve problems that happened 5 minutes ago, or 5 hours ago.

With TotalView, answers to complex problems are solved within minutes:

“The database server was slow at 2:43pm due to the Core2 switch interface #5 dropping 32% of its packets due to a jumbo frame misconfiguration.”

PathSolutions TotalView covers all of these bases, ensuring the best operating environment.

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