Recorded Webinars

PathSolutions experts provide timely and relevant information on network systems troubleshooting in three areas of concern: 

Network Security

Network Management 



Recorded Security Webinars:

SecOps: Do you know where your data is going?

Do you know where your data is going? Watch this recorded webinar to learn about how to collect communications information, and how to analyze the risk associated with different communications. Security is not just about having good defenses – it’s about knowing where your data is going, who is using it, and for what purpose. Many organizations don’t have enough visibility into communications in their organizations, leaving them at risk for data exfiltration attacks.


SOAR Optimization Methods to Improve Event Response Time

SIEM systems generate many alerts throughout the day and night – are you able to investigate all of these to make sure that you know what’s really happening? If your playbook runtimes take too long, or require multiple tools to determine if you are chasing a false-positive event, you need to optimize your investigation process. Event enrichment and investigations can be quick if you have the right process and information for investigation. Learn how to optimize security event response so every event can be fully investigated and dispositioned.


IoT Device Security: Where Are Your Devices?
Who Are They Talking To?

IoT devices expose your company to cybersecurity risks. Unsecured IoT devices are an easy way for criminals to access your network. They find an IoT entry point, and because it’s connected on the same network as your computers and everything else, they can move laterally into other parts of the network. Attacks can exploit entire systems, steal information, alter data, deny service and compromise or damage devices.

This technical webinar shows how to find your IoT devices on your network, what types of devices they are, and who they are talking to, so that you can secure your network.


SecOps Product Demo at Security Field Day 3:
TotalView Security Operations Manager

In this presentation during Security Field Day 3, Tim Titus reviews PathSolutions TotalView SecOps Manager and demonstrates the capabilities of the product as it relates to networking and security professionals in the small and medium enterprise market:


Network Security Awareness & SOAR Discussion
at Security Field Day 3

In this presentation during Security Field Day 3, learn about the problems with visibility and SOAR software as well as how PathSolutions TotalView optimizes SOAR and SecOps teams to keep your network secure from threats. 


Recorded Network Webinars:

6 Primary Causes of Network Slowdowns

In the near past, network slowdowns could easily be blamed on severely bandwidth-constrained WAN links.; With modern networks, these usual suspects may not be the sources of slowdowns. This technical deep-dive will review the different elements and causes that can lead to network slowdowns and how to remedy them in your own network.


Too Busy fighting fires? The challenge of remote site network management.

A network troubleshooting webinar led by Mike Pennacchi of Network Protocol Specialists, Tim Titus of PathSolutions and Dan Klimke of NetAlly. This webinar first discusses the challenges of remote site network management with the focus on how to stop fighting network "forest fires" and how to start presenting them, followed by a demo of PathSolutions and NetAlly network monitoring tools.


Finding Packet Loss in the Network

Finding when, where, and why packets go missing in the network can be difficult. This recorded webinar will reveal the easy way to determine where and why network glitches, hiccoughs, and gremlins occur. Tim Titus shows how to use TotalView for root-cause VoIP, video and data network troubleshooting.


What Does Your Network Know That You Don’t?

This webinar covers how much data is within your network, that you may not have time to collect and analyze in the traditional manner.  Your network contains a vast amount of data, and we discuss how you can tap into it.


Network Troubleshooting in a Post-COVID Environment at Networking Field Day 23

Tim Titus spoke at the Networking Field Day 23 held virtually on September 30th, 2020 on the advancing technical and core issues in networking enterprise IT, with special focus on network troubleshooting the post-COVID environment. We discussed advancing technical and core issues in networking enterprise IT, with a panel of network engineer experts.


Product Demonstration at Networking Field Day 23

This is our product demonstration at the Networking Field Day 20 event held virtually on September 30th, 2020. We demonstrated PathSolutions TotalView 11 as a NetOps tool. Watch the recorded video of our session.


Company Overview at Networking Field Day 20

Tim Titus presented this Company Overview at the Networking Field Day 20 event held in Silicon Valley, on February 15th, 2019. PathSolutions was founded to provide more automation with network information collection and analysis. The PathSolutions platform can provide a large amount of information about root-cause analysis for VoIP and Unified Communications, Video, and data troubleshooting and analysis.


Product Demonstration at Networking Field Day 20

Tim Titus presented this TotalView Product Demonstration at the Networking Field Day 20 event held in Silicon Valley, on February 15th, 2019. In this video, the PathSolutions platform is shown. Tim Titus walks through how networking professionals can utilize everything in their toolkit to monitor devices and networks, and answered questions from the field day panelists.


Recorded VoIP/UC Webinars:

Root-Cause Troubleshooting Work-at-Home Problems

With the dramatic increase of work-at-home users, networks are becoming strained to provide reliable services. This webinar reviews how communications paths have changed, and what can be done to alleviate and fix the related telecommunications problems.


Five Things You Must Know
In Order to Provide Reliable VoIP/UC Services

This webinar covers five things you have to know about your environment to run a healthy VoIP/UC system: (1) The stability of your services; (2) Quality of your environment; (3) Packet loss in the network; (4) QoS queues on WAN links; and (5) Where your phones are.


Troubleshooting SIP Problems Versus RTP Problems

Tim Titus presented this RTP versus SIP webinar, hosted by IAUG on January 15th, 2020. Both support VoIP/UC, but each plays a different role and has different requirements on the network to work correctly. It covers how these protocols work and what they need from the network to successfully operate, as well as how you can  troubleshoot problems that cause VoIP/UC instability issues.


6 Things You Need to Know
About Your VoIP/UC Environment

In this webinar, Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions, reviews the six key elements that a telecom team should be aware of in their environment. Your VoIP/UC infrastructure includes a lot of different elements – some which are inside your control, and some which are not. In order to run a top-notch environment, you need to have visibility into all areas so problems can be rapidly resolved.


Troubleshooting VoIP Call Quality Problems:
Quick and Dirty Secrets to Resolution

Get secrets in this webcast to VoIP troubleshooting methods that will lead you to resolution every time. This webinar covers  troubleshooting methodology, information collecting tricks, and how to find the root-cause of VoIP quality issues.


Twit Bits: A Recorded Broadcast Series on VoIP/UC

An educational video series: five episodes about VoIP/UC problem solving, featuring Tim Titus of PathSolutions. The episodes were broadcast and recorded as an addenda to the weekly show,This Week in Enterprise Technology (TWiET).


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