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Core Improvements

  • Native SNMPv3 support
    • Config file supports encrypted as well as unencrypted username/passwords
    • Wizard can scan for SNMPv3 devices
  • Scalability to support large networks (200,000 interfaces)
  • Additional error counter: dot3StatsSymbolErrors added (19 error counters now!)
  • Call Simulator supports SfB audio and video codecs
  • New VLAN usage report showing which switches support which VLANs

Path Mapping Improvements

  • Path map now auto-maps through unmanaged MPLS networks
  • Path map includes icons for devices
  • Path map includes MTU on interfaces to quickly identify MTU mismatches
  • Path map includes CPU utilization graphs for routers

UI Improvements

  • Graphing library now uses HTML5 for graphing instead of PNG
  • Device summary page includes icon representative of each device
  • Large routing tables truncated on the device summary page
  • Issues tab includes grouping capability
  • Interfaces tab now reports on interfaces up to 100gig
  • Phones tab includes CDP/LLDP information about phone model if available