Network Monitor v4.2

NetworkMonitor v4.3 Update (R5604) is now available

If you are a customer with a current support contract, contact Support at and give them your Customer Number.  You will then be provided with the download link and upgrade instructions.

New Features for Network Monitor

  • PoE Monitoring: Monitor the power usage for your PoE switches to make sure you are not getting close to limitations of the switch.
  • MAC address OUI lookups: MAC address manufacturers are now easily identified by hovering over the MAC address.
  • Reverse-DNS lookups for switch ports: Any IP address can be easily identified by clicking on the IP address.  A reverse-DNS lookup will be performed, showing you what the DNS name is for that device.
  • More intelligence added to the Network Prescription engine: Recognition of mis-configured jumbo frames has been added, as well as a better description and resolution recommendation of some error types.
  • Routing tables queried via ipRoute and ifForward methods: We now perform two different methods of collecting the routing table information from a device so both old and new models of routers will produce a routing table.
  • Uptime now tracked Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly for all devices.

New Features for VoIP Monitor

  • UDP port-based call simulations: End-to-end testing using actual UDP RTP ports can now be accomplished when ICMP testing won’t work or can’t provide enough granularity for testing.
  • IANA IP address lookups for call: For Link Troubleshooting tests, it is now very easy to determine who owns/manages routers along the Internet.

User Interface Improvements

  • Cookies used for remembering navigation tab locations: This makes it easier to navigate and not lose your place regarding selected device or interface details.
  • Routing tables displayed for routers: Each router will now have its routing table displayed on the device details page for easy reference.
  • Config tool permits selecting multiple devices: This makes it easier to delete multiple devices from the configuration.
  • Device Groups can be hidden: Device group names can be clicked on to tuck away the device group to clean up the Device List page.
  • Quick-Config Wizard has fewer steps: This makes it faster to re-scan your network.
  • Web reports refreshed: Minor UI tweaks to improve the look and feel of the web reports and to increase support for CSS and HTML5 standards.

Bug fixes in this update

  • Call path mapper will abandon after 255 hops: This prevents a problem when there is a routing loop the call path mapper does not complete.