Network Monitor 4.0

NetworkMonitor v4.1 Update (R4993) is now available

Customers with current support contracts should contact for the update.

New Features for Network Monitor

  • Ability to alert based on interface type (all serial ports, etc.)
  • Additional email reporting options for templates (interface graphs, device CPU & RAM graphs)
  • HTML sample reports now included for each template
  • Ability to ignore unknown protocols in error calculations
  • Syslog page now views last 1000 messages instead of entire history
  • New 100meg report showing interfaces that should be upgraded
  • New 1gig report interfaces that should be upgraded
  • Added sample HTML reports for email report templates
  • Added 95th percentile tracking to the daily utilization graph
  • Added 95th percentile Top-10 Transmitters & Receivers reports

New Features for NetFlow

  • All device flows report

New Features for VoIP Monitor

  • Single downloadable network assessment report
  • Call simulator can now test for lost DiffServe tagging
  • Call simulator MHTML page improvements
  • Call simulator can now simulate up to 100 simultaneous calls
  • Call simulator now includes time for each data point

Bug fixes in this update:

  • Network map Javascript now works with all browsers
  • QBRIDGE-MIB now supported
  • Webserver URLs are now case insensitive
  • Fixed crash regarding incorrect Cisco HSRP SNMP responses
  • Fixed directory traversal bug in TFTP server
  • Added additional thread crash protection to polling and analysis routines
  • Added support for dealing with Cisco ASA firewall's small SNMP packet size