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PathSolutions New Release Underscores Its Ongoing Commitment To Total VoIP and Network Visibility

Major Features Include: PoE Monitoring, UDP RTP Call Simulator Test Mode, New Port Mapping Capabilities

February, 13, 2013, Santa Clara, California–Today, PathSolutions released the latest version of its VoIP and network performance management solutions: VoIP Network Performance Manager 4.3 and Network Performance Manager 4.3. With this release, PathSolutions supports monitoring Power over Ethernet (PoE) status and usage as well as offers new port-mapping capabilities and more call simulation features. The new release underscores PathSolutions ongoing commitment to providing network performance management solutions that provide total visibility—from the individual link-, router-, and switch-level up to an entire network infrastructure that may span multiple locations in any number of countries.

“The features supported in our latest release make monitoring and managing VoIP and data networks even easier. This helps to reduce the time and resources spent on network troubleshooting, a critical cost containment area for IT departments operating under tight budgets and limited resources,” said Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions.  “For example, while the benefits of PoE are substantial—in terms of cost savings, ease of deployment, improved energy efficiencies, and reliability—until now there has been no automated way to monitor and manage the power status and usage of PoE switches. Our latest release supports full PoE monitoring at both the device and port levels which makes it easy to identify, manage, and monitor high power drawing devices as well as proactively troubleshoot power faults. For customer and prospects, this release delivers a substantial ROI.”

To find out more about release 4.3, visit our special Release 4.3 web page. To sign up for one of our 4.3 webinars, visit our Release 4.3 webinar page.

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Based in Santa Clara, California, PathSolutions is a leading provider of automated network performance management solutions that enable the rapid troubleshooting and resolution of VDI, VoIP, video, and data quality issues. As a part of our Total Network Visibility™ philosophy, we offer a new paradigm in performance monitoring and optimization for IP networks: continuously monitoring the state of the network and identifying and prescribing fixes for the root causes of network performance issues. This allows our customers to quickly resolve any performance issues, maximizing productivity and efficiency. At PathSolutions, we solve all your network performance issues—even the ones other solutions miss. Our solutions are offered through a network of distribution partners across the globe and serve customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. For more information, visit