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Is Your Network Sucking The Life Out Of Your VoIP System?

Oct 13, 2015

VoIPA few weeks ago, your business purchased a new VoIP phone system thinking it would improve office communications. But, ever since you installed the system onto your network, you’ve been experiencing problem after problem.

Employees are complaining that calls sound choppy and are full of interference. There are complaints about call echoes, too. These complaints are piling up, and the general consensus is that the VoIP system is either damaged, or of poor quality.

Before you reach out to your VoIP reseller, or whomever you purchased your device from, stop. We can almost guarantee you that your VoIP package—meaning your software, and your conference phones, are working fine.

It’s that network of yours that you need to improve.

As we often state, a VoIP system is only as strong as the network that is supporting it. Yet, many businesses will rush into purchasing VoIP systems hoping new hardware alone can solve all of their communications problems, without properly understanding this. As a result, they are quick to blame their VoIP infrastructure. This is because it’s very difficult to see the multitude of problems that could be hiding within your network.

To learn more, download our white paper:  The Root-Cause of VoIP Call Quality Problems

For instance, the problem could be as simple as a broken switch, a misconfigured router, or a damaged or misplaced cable. However, you won’t know the root cause of your problem until you dig below the surface and illuminate your own network. What you need is a solution, like TotalView, that will provide real-time performance feedback so that you can accurately identify and eliminate network issues before they lead to complications.

TotalView will provide instant status and network health updates to a centralized hub, along with the location of each error and plain English instructions for fixing them. And with the help of TotalView’s Dynamic Network Map, you will be able to see exactly where all of your devices are laid out across your facility. Therefore, by leveraging this solution you will be able to quickly identify problems, fix them and move on to other important tasks.

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