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IoT Without Root-Cause Network Troubleshooting: It’s a Bad Idea

Sep 30, 2014

IoT tag cloudChances are your business, like countless others, is looking to invest in the Internet of Things (IoT). Gartner recently claimed that this exciting new sector of technology, which involves the connection of ordinary appliances and gadgets to the Web, has officially reached peak hype. The firm also predicts that the IoT market will reach a total of 26 billion units by 2020, and generating revenue in excess of $300 billion.

But according to Gartner, the IoT will also come with its share of challenges for many businesses.

“IoT departments will generate large quantities of data that need to be processed and analyzed in real time,” explains Gartner research director Fabio Biscotti. “Processing large quantities of IoT data in real time will increase as a proportion of workloads of data centers, leaving providers facing new security, capacity and analytics challenges.”

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This begs the question: Does your business have the ability to analyze network data in real time?

If you are currently struggling with network challenges, and your IT department is working overtime trying to maintain uptime, dramatically increasing the amount of information that you include on your network could be a nightmare scenario.

So if your business is looking to invest in IoT technology, make sure you don’t invest without a reliable root-cause troubleshooting solution that can capture instant feedback over your network. Your IT team needs the ability to pinpoint issues when they arise on your network and know exactly where the trouble can be found. Having the ability to dig deep into your network and uncover this information is critical for introducing next generation data center capabilities.

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