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Is Your Network Ready for VoIP? Find Out with Our VoIP Assessments.

PathSolutions TotalView is the only network assessment solution that can be fully deployed for virtually any size network in under 12 minutes and report on all network deficiencies and anomalies anywhere in your infrastructure. If you are implementing and deploying a VoIP system for the first time or making changes to your network that could impact call quality, perform a VoIP Assessment to evaluate your network so that issues are identified and addressed before they lead to poor quality calls.

Key Features

Rapid Deployment

Can be deployed on any network in under 12 minutes—no hardware needs to be shipped to remote offices, no access to remote field office computers acquired, no database to install and configure, and no special service packs or libraries to configure. Instead, all you need to do is ensure that all network devices have an IP address assigned to them and SNMP read-only community strings configured.

Single Downloadable Network Assessment Report

In one single report, a complete inventory of all network devices as well as a list of all network weaknesses that have occurred over the past day. Allows you to address network issues immediately and prevent voice quality issues from occurring.

Unlimited Call Simulation Capabilities

Simulate any number of calls to any number of remote endpoints any time anywhere.  This flexibility means that you’re never license-limited or have to ship hardware boxes around to be able to validate a WAN link for QoS settings. In addition to end-to-end testing capabilities, our patent-pending Call Simulation technology also permits testing to midpoints in the network to quickly determine where the problem is occurring.