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Product FAQs

PathSolutions Network Performance Manager

  • 1001: Network Monitor startup is slow
  • 1002: Cannot connect to the license server through a proxy firewall
  • 1004: System is not monitoring a specific switch or router
  • 1005: Specific interfaces are not showing up on the interface listing
  • 1006: Emails are not being received from PathSolutions Network Monitor
  • 1007: User receives Poll Failure email notification
  • 1009: How to detect connection loss
  • 1011: How to determine NIC speeds are set correctly
  • 1012: How to determine if load balancing is employed on links
  • 1014: How to search for general loss of network connections
  • 1021: How to perform automatic scans for new devices
  • 1022: Device uptime may not show correctly

PathSolutions VoIP Performance Manager

  • 1010: How to determine proper prioritization of packets
  • 1013: How to determine if NAT is employed
  • 1043: Interfaces not displaying any health or performance data