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Taking the “Work” Out of Cisco Network Bandwidth Monitoring

When your WAN link hits 95% utilization, you need to know now. Better yet: receive an email alert that indicates the problem and also includes information that the “top talker” is an FTP session from the shipping computer to There will always be times when the network slows down but wouldn’t it be great to be notified of those slowdowns in real-time with possible causes already identified? PathSolutions NetFlow Module is the only net flow analyzer that monitors bandwidth and network traffic in real-time.

Putting the “Real” in NetFlow Analysis

Most NetFlow analyzers are limited to seeing traffic after the flow is completed and the router sends its flow record back to the collector. In other words, NetFlow information reflects “recent past” activity—you can’t, for example, “catch a user in the act” of downloading a multi-gigabyte file. And since most analyzers require a significant amount of bandwidth and CPU processing power to capture and process the flow information, you are limited to monitoring just a few flows at a time.

PathSolutions’ NetFlow module puts the real-time in NetFlow analysis, implementing Cisco NetFlow technology in a unique way so that it can track in-process flows. As a result, there is no need to wait until a flow is completed before knowing about the usage—instead, you can see who is using bandwidth in real-time, without using a packet analyzer or mirror port.

Key Benefits

Fast NetFlow Traffic Troubleshooting and Resolution

While Network Performance Manager allows you to view the current utilization of any interface, NetFlow enables you to quickly identify who’s using bandwidth and what they are doing—all from a web browser. Email alerts are also automatically sent out to alert you of traffic issues. Your IT team becomes more productive, spending less time on troubleshooting and more time on ensuring that your network performs optimally.

Infinitely Scalable

Monitor thousands of NetFlow configured interfaces on low end hardware. Since NetFlow Module shows you the utilization on any number of NetFlow configured interfaces, flow records are not sent from the router to a collector, making it far more scalable than other solutions.

An Easy Upgrade.

With no configuration required, you can add the NetFlow module quickly and easily. Just contact us and we’ll add the license to your existing product