VoIP & network root-cause troubleshooting solutions that deliver total visibility

Delivering High Performing Networks at the Lowest Possible Cost

PathSolutions was founded more than 10 years ago by Tim Titus, a self-described network geek who has managed networks and teams of all sizes for companies like Atmel Semiconductor, Computer Curriculum Corporation, and Decision Point Software. At the time, Tim believed that network performance management solutions were lacking in three major areas:

  • Configuration. Networks tend to change very rapidly as new subnets are added/removed or remote offices opened and closed, but the network performance management software configuration never keeps up with the rate of change. In the end, your IT team spends an incredible amount of time deploying, configuring, and re-configuring software.

  • Coverage (Total Network Visibility). To optimize network performance, you need to know the health, performance, and status of every device and link within your infrastructure. Too many network and telecom teams end up being responsible for elements in the network that they have no visibility into which can be a recipe for disaster.
  • Prescription. You can spend an inordinate amount of time just trying to find the problem and even more time trying to figure out how to fix it—wasting valuable resources on reactive troubleshooting rather than proactive optimization.

At PathSolutions our mission is quite simple: to deliver high performing networks at the lowest possible cost. Our VoIP and network performance management solutions install and deploy in less than twelve minutes, continuously monitor the performance of your entire network, tell you where, when, and why problems occur and even recommend fixes in plain-English. Our customers consistently tell us that they have found and fixed more network issues in the first days of deployment than they did the previous year. Our partners use our solutions to perform network assessments and troubleshooting on their customers’ networks and recommend it to their customers. This is our commitment to you: “We solve all your performance problems—even the ones other solutions miss.”